Air Alight – preparing for my Skype

Day 102/126

How do you prepare for a Skype lesson?

If I was studying with someone regularly, this would be a no-brainer.  Do my homework, be prepared for new assignment.  But because I just get one of these with Robert, I want to make sure it’s productive.  My friend (and fellow NWF member) Cecilia’s response when I told her about my thoughts: “Make this count.  Make sure you get everything out of it that YOU want to.”  This really helped me clarify things.

I’ve been playing the piece daily now for some time, and I do have some more questions for Robert about transitions and directions.  I wrote everything down, in order of how the piece progresses, in case I get star struck and forget what I want to say.

I want to ask about articulations with residuals.  Are they always “hooo”?  Or different depending on dynamics?

I believe I have a mistake in my multiphonic fingerings, definitely want to ask about that.

And now for Cecilia’s comment.  Yes, the whistle tones have now been cut from this piece.  After working feverishly earlier this summer I was able to get a very small, quiet one.  I know I will run across this technique again in the future, so why not ask for help from the man who put whistle tones on the map?  I think I’ll go for it.

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