Studio Policies

The following Studio Policies are in effect for 2023, and may be changed at any time at Rebecca’s discretion.  Music is my love, but it is also my business.

LESSON PAYMENTS can be made either on a weekly basis, or in the first week of the month for the entire month. Lessons can be paid for either by cash or by check, with checks made payable to Rebecca Quigley.

CANCELLATIONS require 24-hour notice by text or phone, and are for illness only. Any cancellation with less than 24-hours’ notice, or a NO SHOW, will be charged the full lesson rate.  Students and parents who abuse this policy will be put on probation and will be subject to dismissal from my studio. Forgetting your flute at school is not an acceptable excuse to cancel a lesson — students are expected to attend their lesson as usual and play on one of my instruments. Cancellations due to inclement weather will be mutually decided depending on road conditions, and are not concurrent with school cancellations.

I am happy to communicate via TEXTS with students and parents, but please follow this guideline: if it is too late to call me on the phone, then it is too late for a text as well!

MAKE-UP LESSONS are available whenever a lesson must be cancelled more than 24-hours’ in advance, within reason and according to Rebecca’s availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Make-ups should be used sparingly, and abuse of this policy will not be tolerated. If you have pre-paid a lesson that is canceled, the balance will be carried forward.

PRACTICING is required of all students, and fosters discipline and commitment.  Each student must determine the proper length of time each week according to their needs and assignments.  It has been my experience that “chunking” works well and allows the student to pinpoint problem areas while rotating the pieces in their assignment.  This philosophy is discussed when each new student begins their lessons, and I can answer questions about it at any time.  If a student’s practicing habits have noticeably changed I will discuss options to get them back on track.  Habitual lack of practice will result in dismissal from my studio. I may not always say something, but I can ALWAYS tell when the work isn’t being done!

RECITALS will be given on a periodic basis, and the school year culminates with the Spring Recital. Learning to perform in public is an important part of music education and participation is required as part of your flute lessons.  There is a recital fee (usually around $25), which covers the cost of our piano accompanist.

I have served as a New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) adjudicator, and coach students each spring for the NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival. Preparing a NYSSMA solo is just one component of a student’s musical studies, and I do not teach students who only want to enter NYSSMA. For advanced upperclassmen preparing a Level 6 All-State Audition, I am available for extra coaching and rehearsals with piano. Pricing by the hour.

STUDENT FLUTE ENSEMBLES are available to invited upperclassmen students in the spring semester. Ensembles may consist of trios, quartets or quintets, and are grouped by ability. Ensembles rehearse at my house several times a month, and perform at the Spring Recital.

In addition, all students have two opportunities to perform in a flute choir each year.  FLUTE CHOIR NIGHTS are held during several weeknights each August, and each December we spread good cheer at a local nursing home with HOLIDAY CAROLS.  Both events are open to all current students and alumni (vacation permitting).

GROUP FLUTE CLASSES may be offered several times a year, and allow students the opportunity to rehearse with a pianist amongst an audience of their peers. Classes are held at my house on Friday nights, and are followed by a pizza dinner!

I do teach throughout the SUMMER and encourage students to creatively tailor their lesson schedule around their family vacation and camp plans.  Several past examples include studying through June and July, then taking August off, or dropping down to lessons every other week to lighten the pace.  I highly discourage my students from taking the entire summer off, as it puts them at a disadvantage upon return in September.

BAND MUSIC can be covered in your lessons, particularly if a school concert is imminent.  However, band music is just one component of a student’s musical studies and assigned homework will always take precedence.  If you only desire to have tutoring on your band music then you should find another private teacher with whom to study.

I am happy to complete RECOMMENDATIONS for camp, employment or college.  As a courtesy to me, I need at least one week notice before any deadlines, and I will not take lesson time to fill them out.

If a student is visiting with FRIENDS on a vacation day and would like to have them sit in on a lesson, there usually is not a problem. As a courtesy, please clear this with me before your arrival at my studio.

REFERRALS are greatly appreciated. If you recommend a referral student who studies with me for at least 4 weeks I will credit you with one free lesson. If you’re enjoying your lessons, please spread the word!

PARENTS are welcome to wait in my studio or listen in on a lesson at any time. If you are waiting for your child to finish a lesson and receive a cell phone call, please continue it outside on our driveway.  Please park in our turnaround during lessons so that neither of our cars is blocked in.

THINKING OF BUYING A NEW FLUTE? I am happy to offer advice as you try new instruments, and am available to accompany you to the store for on-site consultations. Pricing by the hour.

QUESTIONS? Ask any time.