Testimonials & Publicity

Thanks for helping me keep playing my flute in these hard times!  I always look forward to our flute lessons. – A.M.

I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing mentor and teacher over the years.  It has been a pleasure to be one of your students.  You have helped me grow outside of my comfort zone and improve as a musician. – J.L.

Between the recital setting and the manner in which you set everything up, I am always so impressed and moved by this performance every year. – S.S.

Thank you for teaching me all of these years, I will NEVER forget you when I grow up and start my own life! – A.A.


“A Family for Baby Grand,” another composition by Brad Ross…..each instrument within the piece is given its own individual chance to shine. And shine they do!! Particularly notable standouts include the flourish of the piccolo, played by Rebecca Quigley…”
Inside Press, 11/23/16