Flute Socks!

Dear Students: A few words about the gifts I gave you for the holidays.  I made the “flute socks,” as they have been lovingly called, because so many of you said you like to leave your flutes out between practice sessions.  They are made from pacific cloth, which will prevent your flute from tarnishing while it is out of its case.  PLEASE make sure that you follow my directions when you use them:

1.) ALWAYS swab out your flute after practicing, then reassemble it and put the sock on.  You will have massive repair issues and cause lots of damage to your pads if you don’t.  Trust me.

2.) I would prefer if you leave your flute on an upright stand when you use your sock, like my photos:

3.) These cases are not meant to carry or transport your flute, ever.  It’s just not safe and the cloth doesn’t protect the keys at all.  Again, trust me.

Any questions, ask. Happy fluting!

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