Air Alight – typos!

Day 123/126

I arrived in DC late last night, super excited to visit the Library of Congress and the Dayton C. Miller Collection of flutes today (separate post to follow!).  I picked up my badge and program book, and of course I flipped right to the program for Saturday’s big concert.  Doh!  There are two typos are in our group listing!!  First, they have Alice listed as playing C flute, and Elyse as playing alto.  Honestly, that might have been my mistake: we first discussed the parts this way (which was when I submitted everything for the program), but then Alice switched to the Murray system alto and we never looked back.  But the biggest typo is in our name, they’ve called us North Westchester Flutes!   No big deal, only 3,000 flutists will see the wrong name.  Argh.  Let’s hope things go up from here.IMG_2425IMG_2426

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