Air Alight – rehearsal rooms

Day 110/126

More housekeeping stuff: we have scheduled two rehearsals with Robert when we are all at the convention.  One on Thursday, August 13th, one more Friday the 14th, and then our concert is Saturday.  Robert suggested we meet in his hotel room.  But we were worried about having seven of us, plus stands, in a small space.  So I reached out to Joanna Bassett at NFA and she was able to book rehearsal space for us.  This way we’re assured the space we need and no one has to tidy up.  Joanna reminded me we will need our own stands for the rehearsal, the NFA can only guarantee stands for the concert venues.  I wonder how many they rent to make the convention possible?

I also found out that the NFA isn’t allowed to book rehearsals from 4-5pm each day during the convention; they have an agreement with the Exhibitors.  I understand where the Exhibitors are coming from: they pay thousands of dollars for a space to show their wares, and this way they are guaranteed a time where there are no conflicts and people won’t feel guilty about skipping something to visit them!

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